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Bread White Extra Buttery By Bread Dad


Yield: 2 lb. loaf

-Item- -Imp- -Mtrc- -Notes-
Water 1.5 C 355 g or Milk
Salt 1.5 t 9 g -
Sugar 2 T 25 g -
Butter 6 T ? g softened or melted
Bread Flour 4 C 480 g -
Instant Yeast 1.5 t 4.5 g or Bread Machine Yeast


  1. Cut half stick of ''butter'' into pats and set aside to soften (30 mins?). If you don't have time, just soften it in the microwave.
  2. Make sure the ''mixing paddle'' is installed in the bread pan.
  3. Set out the milk/water to come to room temperature, or microwave it for 15-20 secs.
  4. Unplug your bread machine. ''Remove'' the bread pan from the unplugged bread machine (so when you add the ingredients, they can not accidentally spill into the machine).
  5. Pour the ''water'' into the bread pan and then add the ''other'' ingredients (in the order listed). Place the bread machine ''yeast'' in last and the yeast should not touch the liquid <span class="subtle">(until the bread machine is turned on and the ingredients start to be mixed together by the bread machine).</span>
  6. Put ''bread pan'' with ingredients back into unplugged bread machine.
  7. ''Plug in'' bread machine. Enter the correct settings for 1.5 lb version and press the “start” button.
  8. When the bread machine has ''finished ''baking the bread, ''unplug ''the bread machine.
  9. ''Remove the bread'' and place it on a cooling rack. Use oven mitts when removing the bread machine container (bread loaf pan) as it will be very hot!
  10. Allow bread to ''rest'' for about an hour.
  11. After removing the bread, don’t forget to remove the ''mixing paddle'' if it is stuck in the bread. Use oven mitts as the mixing paddle will be very hot coming out of the bread machine. Or wait until the bread is completely cooled and then remove the mixing paddle.
  12. Let it rest. Sure, hot bread is yummy, but they say it's even better if you wait a bit.  I think they say to wait an hour, but I usually wait 20-30 minutes before cutting into it because I can't hold back any more.

Bread machine settings


For a 1.5 lb. loaf

-Item- -Imp- -Mtrc- -Notes-
Water (lukewarm) 1 1/8 C 259 ml or Milk
Salt 1 t 5 ml -
Sugar 1 1/2 T 19 g -
Butter (softened) 4 T 57 g -
Bread Flour 3 C 360 g -
Instant Yeast 1 t 5 ml or Bread Machine Yeast


First attempt went well.  Even though I used Active Dry yeast instead.  and may not have used lukewarm enough milk.  Maybe a little dense, but when eaten with butter and toasted, it was very good. Bland flavor though, so I ended up making up some salted garlic butter.
Trying Instant yeast and water instead of milk. I did mess up and maybe put too much yeast in, and then had to dip into it and push the paddle into place.
recipe has gone well for a few makes now. The only thing is that it does rise almost to the lid, and the bail sometimes is impeded. So this time I added an extra tbsp of ''butter'', to add flavor, and maybe keep down the rise just a little.
I tried adding more salt and ''5 tbsp of butter'', just to see what would happen and it severely affected the rise and the density wasn't all that good either.  It rose maybe 60% of what was before.  I think it was mostly the salt's fault.
Realized that I had been melting my butter in all my other attempts... maybe 6 loaves.  Recipe calls for softened, which is different. I did put in softened, but it was one big chunk.
So I tried using softened, but also put in maybe a tbsp of shake cheese.  It didn't rise nearly as much as usual.  Whose fault was it? Don't know.
However it did taste good, though a little spongy.
This time I used softened again, but cut up into patties, and put in before the flour, to maybe cut down on the dust getting thrown up upon first mixing.
So if this kind of softened butter is really what's needed, then it looks like this loaf will be the first one I've done that was actually according to the recipe.
But I'm not complaining about the melted butter.  If somehow the softened butter doesn't go as well, the melted is still a great option.
After the fact: Turned out great.  Pretty much just like the melted butter, actually. But I like the softening method because you don't have to microwave the butter.  Just bring up a stick and have it sit around for over 30 mins before you mix up all the stuff and start the bread.

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