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JabraBT800 Headset

The Internet says that this is not compatible with our Motorola v710 phones, but it does work in a limited fashion.  I'm testing it now to see how limited it is.

Placing a call with only the headset

This works, if linked properly. I can hit the Pick Up/Start Call button and my voice dialing prompts work as normal, then the call is placed, without me having to touch the phone at all.

Answering a call with the headset

This is a little buggy, even when linked properly.  I've found that I have to open the phone to be able to pick up the call.  Just pressing the answer button doesn't seem to work all of the time.  And then it takes a few seconds before the other person will hear me speak.  Once I'm on the call, I can close the phone and continue to talk.  When done, I can press the End Call button to end it.

Linking Properly

To establish a reliable link, I have to do the following (in other words, the pairing doesn't work as seamlessly as it is supposed to)...

On Phone

This part actually happens pretty fast, especially if you set the Bluetooth options as a shortcut on your "main" page.

  1. Be sure power to headset is on
  2. On Phone, go to Bluetooth section under Settings
  3. Choose Handsfree
  4. Choose your device (the phone will now connect to your headset)

On Headset

  1. Press Menu button on headset
  2. Use Jog dial to navigate to Settings -> Bluetooth -> List
  3. Find your phone in the list (probably first), select it

Features and Evaluation Notes Regardless of Phone Type

The LCD Screen


Theoretically a good feature, but not really useful in the current implementation.  When a call is coming in, you have to remove the headset to check the number.  By the time you recognize the number, your voicemail has picked up, or you just plain missed the call.  The displayed number is not formatted (with spaces or dashes) to make it easily readable.  But all this doesn't really mean much to me because the screen is useful for so many other things.


The screen is great for navigating the menus, choosing ringtones, and relinking with your phone.

Viewing List of Recent Calls

A little hard to read the numbers, as was said before, but you just use the jog wheel to scroll through those folks that have called you and you can call one without ever having to pick up your phone.

Battery Meter

The best purpose of the Screen in my opinion is to see the battery meter.  You can know for sure if you have enough charge to last you through the day.

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