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Poormans Meal

This recipe is based on Clara's video for the Poorman's Meal.  These are my estimates of the ratios as I watched the video.  On our first attempt at this, I thought it tasted okay, but the wife thought it sucked.  We both agreed that it might be better without the sauce, or with some other sauce.  Holly put some butter and cheese on it and it did improve, but not enough for her.

4 ea russet potatoes, large
1 ea onion
some vegetable oil
2 tbsp spaghetti sauce
3 ea hot dogs
1/2 cup hot water

Using a non-stick skillet will really help clean-up on this one!

  1. Peel and cube uncooked potatoes into half-inch pieces
  2. Roughly dice onion
  3. Brown the potatoes and onion, using some oil, over medium heat
  4. Add sauce
  5. Cut hot dogs into 1/4 inch slices.  Add to skillet.
  6. Add water. Stir. Cover and simmer until hot dogs are cooked.
  7. Serve.

Options: in Clara's video on this, it looked like she was actually using cheese dogs, though she didn't say so.  I think that would be a good option.

Clara says adding the water serves to soften the potatoes a bit and contribute to making a sauce for them.

Clara's web site and links to her YouTube videos...

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