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Restraunt Review El Dorado Mexican CaryNC

El Dorado Mexican Restaurant

6442 Tryon Rd, Cary, NC

(919) 859-9334

Feb 20, 2006

Chips were thicker than some restaurants. They were average-tasting, but would be excellent with some top-notch salsa.  They are especially good warm.

They give you two small bowls and a mini-carafe of salsa.  I like that.  I like to double-dip if needed.

The salsa was average. Not chunky, but not just a thick liquid. Nothing to write home about.

White cheese dip was very runny, which I happen to like.  Almost bland, but still enjoyable.  A little spice or peppers would make it excellent.

Chimichanga was excellent. Comes in two parts, rather than one large one.  Accompanying rice was light and tasty.

Taco was average for this kind of restaurant.

Cheese quesadilla was average for this kind of restaurant.

This location was decorated more for quantity of eaters, and not for ambiance.  It doesn't take up much strip-mall front space, so it's easy to miss.

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