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Sausage And Cream Cheese Man Food Sandwiches

I came across this amazing man food recipe when a neighbor brought over some of these sandwiches... and I quickly became an addict.

It's easy to make and tastes so good it's one of the few foods I often get a craving for and have to make it.  It also stores and reheats well: just store away the unused spread mixture and make some more toast for it later!

My neighbor likes to make this with deer sausage, because he's a hunter, but I've discovered that pork sausage works great, too.

Yields: about 8 sandwiches


1 lb Sausage
80%-90% of 8 oz. pkg Cream Cheese
1/4 tsp Red Pepper Flakes (qty is approx.)
some - Bread, sandwich, white

Procedures (high-level perspective)

  1. Brown the sausage, adding pepper
  2. Add cream cheese
  3. Stop when melted together
  4. Spoon onto toast and consume with vigor

Procedures (detailed)

  1. Bring out your preferred frying pan. I think 12 inches dia. is best for this recipe, but you could go smaller if you had to... and you'd have to do more work carefully turning the contents.
  2. Brown the sausage, adding pepper flakes early on
  3. Add cream cheese, letting it warm, and then stir to combine it into the sausage
  4. Once the cream cheese has melted and the mixture is evenly combined, move the contents into your serving/storage bowl.  Or just do as I do and, turn off heat, and spoon it right onto toast for about 3 sandwiches until I get stuffed, before storing it away.
  5. Make toast for as many sandwiches as you want to consume (I usually do mine one pair of slices at a time, for freshness).  A light to medium toast is probably best.
  6. Optional: Cut the ends off the bread. This is the way it was initially served to me, and it is better... but I'm often too impatient/lazy for this step.
  7. Spoon sausage and cheese mix generously onto toast
  8. Consume with vigor


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