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Sushi Rice By Alton Brown


sushi rice 2 cups or short grain rice
water 2 cups -
sugar 2 tbsp -
kosher salt 1 tbsp -
rice wine vinegar 2 tbsp -


  1. swirl the rice in cool water, then pour off and repeat till the water is clear.
  2. bring rice and water to a boil over high heat, uncovered.  Do not add salt during cooking.
  3. cover and let simmer at lowest heat for 15 mins
  4. remove from heat. let rice sit for 10 min, covered.
  5. in another bowl, combine sugar, salt, and vinegar
  6. microwave for 30-45 sec to help to dissolve (but not all will)
  7. dump rice into a large bowl (unvarnished wood is best, but glass is better than steel because it's best if the rice can cool slowly)
  8. spread out rice by a slashing or cutting motion, not stirring or folding.
  9. pour on vinegar solution
  10. distribute the solution throughout the rice by the same slashing motion or gentle folding, still not stirring.
  11. cool rice down by fanning it (manually, not a motored fan).  Paper plate works if a hand-fan is not available. Fan until at room temperature.
  12. if not ready to use it immediately, cover bowl with a moist towel while you prepare the other ingredients.
  13. do not store in refrigerator, the rice will harden and lose it's stickiness.
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